2016 Forum

Precision Medicine: It's Personal

Hailed as the future of health care, ‘precision medicine’ is one of the biggest medical buzz phrases. 

Young Garvan, a volunteer group of fund and awareness raisers for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, set out to explain the whats and hows of precision medicine with an education forum called “Precision Medicine: It’s Personal.”

Hosted on 14 July at King & Wood Mallesons, the forum included an impressive panel of researchers from Garvan’s Cancer Division. They included, Dr David Croucher, Leader of the Network Biology Group who MC’d the event; Dr Marina Pajic, Leader of the Personalised Cancer Therapeutics Group; Dr Alex Swarbrick, Head of the Tumour Progression Lab and Associate Professor Elgene Lim, an Oncologist and leading breast cancer researcher. 

The panel, all experts in cancer research, described how precision medicine is increasingly important for patients with pancreatic, breast and prostate cancer and other diseases. They discussed how clinicians are now treating patients based on their own personal history and disease type, rather than simply the location of the disease.

In 2014, Garvan was one of the first in the world to obtain whole human genome sequencing technology capable of making ‘personalised medicine’ a reality. Garvan’s Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics can now sequence the human genome at a base cost of around US$1,000. This is fast tracking the ability for researchers and clinicians to use the individual code of our genes to determine our response to treatment, and come up with better, personalised treatments in the future.


  • Dr David Croucher (MC for forum): Group Leader - Network Biology -  Garvan Institute of Medical Research  and 2015 Young Garvan recipient 
  • A/Prof Elgene Lim - Lab Head - Connie Johnson Breast Cancer Research - Garvan Institute of Medical Research 
  • Dr Marina Pajic: Group Leader - Personalised Cancer Therapeutics - Garvan Institute of Medical Research 
  • Dr Alex Swarbrick: Lad Head - Tumour Progression - Garvan Institute of Medical Research  

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