Young Garvan Award

The Young Garvan Award is presented each year to a young researcher with the most cutting-edge and innovative research idea.

Applications are judged by three external reviewers who rank them based on:

  • Interest and excitement generated by the application as well as the vision and importance of the question being addressed
  • Innovation and potential significance of the project
  • The applicant’s previous body of work and experience

2016 State Custodian Young Garvan Award Winner

Dr Samantha Oakes’ winning idea was to trick cancer cells into thinking they’re infected with a virus so that they send ‘come kill me’ signals to the immune system. The big mystery is why some patients respond to immunotherapy and others do not. It’s thought that cancers actively evade the immune system and avoid immune cell attack. This research could potentially expand the number of patients who can benefit from cancer immunotherapy.

Past winners

2015 Winner

Dr David Croucher
Research based on computational modelling to simulate the drug-specific effects of a number of mutations that bring on chemoresistance.

2014 Winner

Dr Daniel Hesselson
Using zebrafish to identify genes or drugs that might impede the progressive loss of dopamine-producing brain cells in Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

2013 Winner

Dr Timothy Mercer

2012 Winners

Dr Marcel Batten
Dr Daniel Fazakerley
Dr Andreia Pinho

2011 Winner

Dr Ebru Boslem

2010 Winners

Dr Matt Prior
Dr Liz Caldon