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Commercial Development and Innovation

Creating impact at global scale through world-class research translation.

We provide a full service technology transfer capability to enable the translation of Garvan medical research into products and services that contribute to better healthcare.

For Garvan researchers, the CDI team works with you to identify, protect and commercialise Garvan intellectual property. CDI provides support for contract research opportunities and consultancies. CDI also offers training opportunities in aspects of the technology transfer process through seminars, workshops and access to relevant resources.

Please contact the team to start the process.

For industry partners and investors, the CDI team engages with you to evaluate Garvan commercialisation opportunities, progress contractual arrangements and manage ongoing partnership relations.

Please contact the team to start the conversation.

Garvan partnerships with industry and investors can take the form of:

  • Collaborative R&D projects
  • Consulting work (expert opinion, SABs)
  • Contract research (fee for service)
  • Evaluation and licensing of Garvan IP
  • Investment into a Spin-off company with Garvan IP as an asset.

The CDI team

We have extensive technology transfer experience in both academic research and healthcare industry settings. Our approach is flexible, responsive and commercial.

CDI team members are:

Dr Gavin Dixon, Director, IP and Commercialisation; | LinkedIn

Dr Nadia Pece-Barbara, Patent Counsel; | LinkedIn

Rachel Jaros, Commercialisation Manager; | LinkedIn

Julie Cigrang, Commercial Analyst; | LinkedIn

Please contact a team member to start the conversation.

Gavin Dixon, Director, IP and Commercialisation