A year of Know Your Bones

On this, the first anniversary of Know Your Bones, Garvan and Osteoporosis Australia celebrate over 75,000 visits to the online bone health assessment tool.
16 June 2017

Today marks the first anniversary of Know Your Bones, a freely available online tool that helps people assess their own risk of bone fracture.

In the year since it launched, over 75,000 people have visited the Know Your Bones website, with over 15,000 Australians completing the online assessment.

By self-assessing their risks of bone fracture, those 15,000 people have taken an important first step towards better bone health. Each user who completes the assessment is provided with a personalised estimate of bone fracture risk, as well as a report to discuss with his or her GP.

Over one million Australians are affected by osteoporosis, with more than 160,000 fractures recorded in the last year alone. Proper management of bone health could reduce repeated fractures by an estimated 80% - yet currently, less than a fifth of people who experience a fracture are advised on preventative strategies.

Know Your Bones is a collaborative initiative of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Osteoporosis Australia, and was developed on the basis of key findings from Garvan's 28-year Dubbo Osteoporosis Epidemiology Study, the world’s longest running population-based osteoporosis study in men and women.

Greg Lyubomirsky, CEO of Osteoporosis Australia, says he hopes that the incidence of fractures will decrease over coming years as Know Your Bones enables more people to be aware of their own bone health, and to seek preventative measures sooner.

Professor Peter Croucher, Head of Garvan’s Bone Biology Division, says, “This first year is just the beginning. We are now planning to work harder in order to reach and educate more and more Australians about the importance of being bone health-aware.”

Garvan and Osteoporosis Australia encourage you to take that first step towards better future bone health by taking the online assessment at knowyourbones.org.au.