International data visualisation experts converge on Sydney to deliver masterclass

Garvan, CSIRO, and The University of Sydney have proudly joined forces to deliver the VIZBI series of events, held as part of Vivid Sydney during June 2017.
07 June 2017

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, CSIRO’s Data61, and the Charles Perkins Centre at The University of Sydney have proudly joined forces to deliver the VIZBI series of events, held as part of Vivid Sydney during June 2017.

One unique component of the VIZBI  series is the Data Visualisation Masterclass. Held in the Charles Perkins Centre, on 13 June 2017, this one-day course is designed for anyone working with large complex datasets, including communicators, scientists, programmers, designers and visual artists.

Data visualisation is a rapidly growing field, and is becoming increasingly important in life science as a method of making sense out of increasingly large and complex data. VIZBI’s Data Visualiation Masterclass will provide opportunities for attendees to learn how to create insightful and meaningful representations of complex data, and bring information to life using state-of-the-art methods.

The Masterclass will focus on visual perception principles, key data visualisation methods and tools, and will include discussions on how to use visualisation and animation to tell a compelling story.

Delivered by a team of esteemed professionals, led by Professor Tamara Munzner (University of British Columbia’s Department of Computer Science), Professor Daniel Keim (University of Konstanz, Germany), Christopher Hammang (University of Sydney and the Garvan Institute),  Christian Stolte (New York Genome Centre) and Julian Heinrich (University of Tübingen, Germany), the Masterclass offers a fascinating learning experience for anyone with an interest in the exciting field of data visualisation.

Professor Seán O’Donoghue, data visualisation scientist and team leader at CSIRO’s Data61 and the Garvan Institute, also presenting at the Masterclass, said “Creating detailed animations to bring to life abstract and complex biology not only allows us to communicate cutting-edge science, it can also act as a catalyst to drive new research because we can tell the story of what’s really happening at the molecular level.”

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