Musson ‘White Butterfly’ diamond ring supports cancer research

Sydney jeweller debuts diamond ring to support Garvan’s breast cancer research with 10% of the purchase price donated to Garvan.

Musson's White Butterfly diamond ring

26 November 2021

Australian jeweller, Musson, has designed a new diamond ring to join its White Butterfly collection to support breast cancer research at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

The White Butterfly Foundation was established in 2018 in memory of Vanessa Juresic, who was a patient at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre before she sadly passed from an aggressive form of triple negative breast cancer at the age of 36.

Each year 15,000 Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer. 15% of these are triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) – a breast cancer subtype that is very difficult to treat.

Garvan is home to one of the largest breast cancer research groups in groups in Australia. Our scientists are conducting cutting-edge research on the progression of breast cancer and the development of new treatments. One of our key focus areas is the search for the ‘off-switch’ for triple negative breast cancer.

The Musson family, who were friends of Vanessa, were inspired to create a White Butterfly collection where 10% of the retail price would go towards Garvan’s triple negative breast cancer research which seeks to develop new targeted treatments for this aggressive form of cancer.

The new diamond ring is available in 18ct white, rose or yellow gold and features a butterfly motif. It joins an 18ct white gold butterfly motif pendant in the Collection, which features four domed sculptural butterfly wings hanging delicately on a trace link chain.

“The newest arrival to our White Butterfly collection is both youthful and whimsical,” says Catherine Musson.

“It represents a continued opportunity for Musson to make a meaningful contribution and raise awareness for a cause so close to our family’s heart. This beautiful statement diamond ring has allowed us to keep Vanessa’s memory alive while continuing her legacy in the best way we know.”


The White Butterfly diamond ring is available at Musson’s Sydney locations in the Queen Victoria Building and Chatswood Chase, as well as online at

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