NHMRC funding success for Garvan

Garvan congratulates Associate Professors Shane Grey, Paul Timpson and Tim Mercer, and Dr James Wang, who have recently received NHMRC funding to carry out their research.

Associate Professors Paul Timpson and Shane Grey

12 October 2017

Scientists at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research have received $2.6 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to carry out their research into pancreatic cancer, type 1 diabetes, lymphoma and genome sequencing. The funding is part of a package of $197 million announced yesterday by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, which included NHMRC Research Fellowships, Development Grants and other grants, but not the 2017 Project Grants.

Two of Garvan’s leading researchers have become NHMRC Senior Research Fellows:

In addition, Associate Professor Tim Mercer, with co-investigators A/Prof Marcel Dinger and Professor David Thomas received a Development Grant to take their innovative work on Sequins in genomic sequencing to the next level. Sequins are short stretches of synthetic ‘mirror-image’ DNA that provide researchers with invaluable information about the quality of individual DNA sequencing reactions.

Dr James Wang received an Overseas Early Career Fellowship to conduct postdoctoral research under the guidance of Professor Chris Goodnow (Immunology Division) and Dr Louis Staudt (National Cancer Institute, USA). Dr Wang’s funding, which is for four years, enables him to conduct his research at both the National Cancer Institute and at Garvan. He will work to develop new mouse models of diffuse large B cell lymphoma, which will speed the investigation of new therapeutic approaches to lymphoma.