Paspaley’s Kimberley Bracelet for cancer research

Paspaley recently released the 'Kimberley Bracelet' to support Garvan’s cancer research. 20% of the purchase price is donated to Garvan, with Paspaley customers choosing which area of cancer research to support.

Paspaley's Kimberley bracelets

25 November 2016

While Paspaley has supported Garvan for many years, the unique custom-designed Kimberley Bracelet, is a first with 20% of the proceeds donated to cancer research at Garvan.  Every customer has the opportunity to choose which type of cancer research to support — bowel cancer; breast cancer; lung cancer; ovarian cancer; pancreatic cancer; prostate cancer or sarcoma research.

The Kimberley Bracelet — a unisex accessory uniting sandalwood and lustrous pearls, natural elements unique to Western Australia’s Kimberley region — is the first Paspaley product to have a percentage of its proceeds donated to the Garvan Institute.

Brad Timms of the Garvan Research Foundation says, “Paspaley’s Kimberley Bracelet is a stunning and unique piece of jewellery which we're very excited to be associated with. For so many of us, our experience of cancer is associated with one cancer type — for instance pancreatic or breast cancer — so being able to choose a specific research program is fantastic.”

The Kimberley Bracelets start at $680 AUD and are available at all Paspaley boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin and Broome, and online at

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