Student success at EMBL Australia Symposium

Garvan PhD students Amanda Khoury and Scott Youlten won the best poster and best presentation, respectively, at last weekend’s EMBL Australia PhD Symposium 2015.
01 December 2015

Amanda Khoury and Scott Youlten (both postgraduate students at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research) took home prizes for the best poster and best presentation, respectively, at the recent EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) Australia PhD Symposium 2015. The Symposium was held last weekend (25-27 November) at the Bio21 Institute in Melbourne.

Amanda’s winning poster, entitled “Untangling novel mechanisms of the architectural protein CTCF”, described her research into the three-dimensional organisation of DNA in the nucleus. Scott’s successful presentation, “Exploring the osteocyte transcriptome”, looked at the genes that are expressed in osteocytes, a class of bone cell.

The EMBL Australia PhD Symposium brings together postgraduate students and early career researchers across the country from a broad range of disciplines. The only conference of its kind in Australia, it provides research students with the opportunity to present their work to a professional but less intimidating audience than open-level symposiums and gives them a chance  to interact with senior scientists on an informal level.

Garvan students were instrumental in the organisation of this year’s symposium. Anton Kalsbeek, Qian Du, Kate Giles and Brigitte Phillips were all members of the organizing committee. In total, 15 Garvan students attended.

Amanda says the Symposium is one of her favourite conferences.

She says, “The invited speakers give fantastic talks which include both science and mentorship – and they stay for the entire conference to engage with students.

“I also find that the conference is not at all intimidating. It feels more like a couple of days to make new friends and chat constructively about science.”

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