DRAFT PROGRAM - Australian Precision Oncology Symposium, 2018

Friday 7 September, 2018

Session 1: Precision medicine  
  Plenary: Precision Cancer Medicine: Past, Present and Future Razelle Kurzrock MD
UC San Diego, Moores Cancer Center 
  Melanoma genomics for classification, prediction and prognosis - works in progress

Prof Graham Mann
Centre for Cancer Research, The Westmead Institute of Medical Research

  Molecular oncology testing: an Australian medical oncologist’s perspective Prof Michael Brown
Centre for Cancer Biology
  Morning Tea
Session 2: The Australian precision medicine context
  Zero Childhood Cancer: Comprehensive precision medicine for high-risk child cancer patients
Prof Michelle Haber
Childrens Cancer Institute
  Towards an Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program Prof David Thomas
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  Germline Genetics and Prostate Cancer Dr Shahneen Sandhu
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Session 3: Genomics in clinical practice  
  Plenary: Cancer genomics in clinical pathology Prof Stephen Fox
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  Duck, duck, goose. Rare, common, inherited, sporadic, diagnoses, monitoring, commonalities, differences, pathways, old and new therapeutic options Prof Hamish Scott
Centre for Cancer Biology
  Precision Oncology - Societal and Ethical Challenges

Mr Richard Vines
Rare Cancers Australia

  Afternoon Tea
Session 4: Commercial clinical research infrastructure
  Why Australia leads the world in early phase clinical trials Dr Michael Winlo
Linear Clinical Research Limited
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research


Precision oncology in Australia -
barriers and opportunities


Moderator: Richard Vines 

  Social function

Saturday 8 September, 2018

Time Topic  
Session 5: What genomics can teach us about cancer

Plenary: Genomic knowledge banks for precision oncology

Dr Peter Campbell
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
  The patterns of lethal melanoma evolution stratify patient survival Prof Tony Papenfuss
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
    Dr Nic Waddell
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
  Pancreatic Cancer Genome Discover and Precision Oncology Prof Sean Grimmond
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  Morning Tea
Session 6: Genomic applications for disease
  Liquid Biopsies: Circulating tumour DNA for Precision Oncology A/Prof Sarah-Jane Dawson
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  Integrating rare and common variation: the example of Breast Cancer risk as a genomic disorder A/Prof Paul James
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  Rare cancer cases and their preclinical models for informing precision oncology Prof Clare Scott
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Molecular Tumour Board:
Cases and panel discussion

  Thank you and close
  Lunch and networking