The Australian Polygenic Risk Symposium, 2019


PROGRAM - Australian Polygenic Risk Symposium, 2019


Monday 18 November 2019

12.00pm Arrival, Registration, Lunch
12.45pm Welcome Professor Chris Goodnow
Session 1: International perspectives
  Chair: Mary-Anne Young  
1.00 pm From GWAS to personalized risk prediction: the experience from the Estonian Biobank and some methodological challenges

Professor Krista Fischer

Estonian Genome Center, Institute of Genomics, University of Tartu, Estonia

Perspectives on PRS

Dr Tamsin Eades

Illumina, Inc.

Theory of polygenic risk

Professor Naomi Wray

Institute for Molecular Bioscience and Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland

Session 2: Theory to practice in Australia
  Chair: Georgia Chenevix-Trench
Practical and clinical: the how to of PRS

Associate Professor Paul James

Parkville Familial Cancer Centre (Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)

  Polygenic risk scores and clinical utility in cardiovascular disease

Associate Professor Mike Inouye

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and the University of Cambridge

  Polygenic risk in migraine and comorbid disorders

Professor Dale Nyholt

Queensland University of Technology

  **Accepted abstract: Improved polygenic risk score accuracy for 50 traits in biobank scale data by exploiting phenotypes on inferred relatives

Associate Professor S. Hong Lee

University of South Australia


 6-9pm Social function


Tuesday 19 November 2019

9.00am Welcome

Associate Professor Sarah Kummerfeld

Mary-Anne Young

Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics

  Session 3: Polygenic risk and common complex disorders
  Chair: Naomi Wray
International plenary: Polygenic risk scores in psychiatric disorders across disease course

Professor Cathryn Lewis

King's College London

**Accepted abstract: Genomic risk score offers predictive performance comparable to clinical risk factors for ischaemic stroke

Dr Gad Abraham

Baker Heart and DIabetes Institute; University of Cambridge; University of Melbourne

**Accepted abstract: Predicting the future of predicting the future

Associate Professor Stuart Macgregor

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

 11.00am Session 4: Accepted abstracts in polygenic risk
  Chair: Lyn Griffiths
Accepted abstract: Polygenic risk scores and breast and epithelial ovarian cancer risks for BRCA1 and BRCA2 carriers

Professor Georgia Chenevix-Trench

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

**Accepted abstract: Testing rare disease polygenic risk with trios

Dr Mark Pinese

Children's Cancer Institute

**Accepted abstract: Genomic Risk Scores for Predicting Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Dr Rodrigo Canovas

Cambridge Baker Systems Genomics Initiative, The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

**Accepted abstract: Polygenic risk and monogenic risk in glaucoma

Dr Owen Siggs

Flinders University

**Accepted abstract: Clinical phenotype of glaucoma patients stratified by an intraocular pressure polygenic risk score

Dr Ayub Qassim

Flinders University

**Accepted abstract: Pharmacological enrichment of polygenic risk for precision medicine in complex disorders

William Reay

School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, The University of Newcastle and Centre for Brain and Mental Health Research, Hunter Medical Research Institute

1.15pm Session 5: Implementation
Chair: Anne Cust
Implementing a polygenic risk score to tailor colorectal cancer screening in primary care

Professor Jon Emery

The University of Melbourne and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

PRS and implementation in melanoma

Associate Professor Anne Cust

Melanoma Institute Australia and The University of Sydney School of Public Health

Strategies for the implementation of polygenic risk models

Dr Richard Allman

Genetic Technologies Ltd and University of Melbourne

Risk-stratified population cancer screening: Is it acceptable to the general public and GPs?

Kate Dunlop

The University of Sydney School of Public Health

**Accepted abstract: New Zealand Health Practitioner’s Perspectives Towards the Utility and Implementation of Polygenic Risk Scores

Brittany Jones

University of Otago, Department of Mathematics and Statistics


 3.40pm Session 6: Challenges to implementation

Chair: Jon Emery


Polygenic risk scores: challenges with implementation and workforce training needs


Tatiane Yanes

Postdoctorate Research Fellow, The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute


Insurance and polygenic risk

Nick Kirwan

Financial Services Council

Panel: in which disease contexts would we expect to see utility in PRS soonest?

Moderator: Mary-Anne Young

Panellists: A/Prof Anne Cust, Prof Jon Emery, Prof Dave Evans, Prof Krista Fischer, A/Prof Michael Inouye, Prof Cathryn Lewis, A/Prof Paul James



 **Accepted abstracts are available in the APRS19 Accepted Abstracts Booklet