2015 Leaders in Science and Society Seminars

Mark Caulfield23 February
Professor Mark Caulfield
Genomics England
“The 100,000 Genomes Project” 

Chris Goodnow2 March
Professor Chris Goodnow  Research profile 
Deputy Director, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
“Surfing between whole body systems, cells and genes: if you're not falling off, you're not getting better”

David Ryugo9 March
Professor David Ryugo  Research profile 
Hearing Research, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
“Hearing & the Brain: Making Sense of Sound, Hearing Loss & Brain Plasticity”

Olivier Pourquié16 March
Professor Olivier Pourquié
Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital
“Development of the musculo-skeletal axis” 

Geoff Faulkner23 March
Associate Professor Geoff Faulkner
University of Queensland
“Jumping genes in the brain: a hidden layer dictating neuronal phenotype”

Juris Meier30 March
Professor Juris J Meier MD
Head, Division of Diabetology and GI Endocrinology St. Josef-Hospital of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), Germany
“Pancreatic & extra-pancreatic effects of GLP-1”

Daniel Christ20 April
Associate Professor Daniel Christ  Research profile 
Antibody Therapeutics, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
“Engineering of the human antibody repertoire”

Daniel Petre27 April
Daniel Petre
Garvan Institute Board Member
“The impact of Technology on Everything”

Matthias von Herrath18 May
Professor Matthias von Herrath
Novo Nordisk
“New and unexpected insights into the histopathology of type 1 and 2 diabetes and therapeutic considerations” 

Alex Swarbrick25 May
Dr Alex Swarbrick  Research profile
Lab Head - Tumour Progression, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
“Tumours as ecosystems” 

Nick Hayward1 June
Professor Nicholas Hayward
Senior Scientist QIMR
“The Australian Melanoma Genome Project” 

Ian Jacobs15 June
Professor Ian Jacobs
President and Vice-Chancellor of UNSW Australia
“The Good, the Bad & the Ovary: UNSW Strategy, Challenges for Higher Education and Ovarian Cancer Screening” 

Stephen Nutt

29 June
Professor Stephen Nutt
Division Head, Molecular Immunolgy, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
“Cell Fate Decisions in the Immune System” 

Alain Fischer28 July (Tuesday at 11:30am)
Professor Alain Fischer
Hospital Necker (Paris)
"A reductionist view of T cell immunology based on the study of primary immunodeficiencies"

Sally Dunwoodie3 August
Professor Sally Dunwoodie
Head, Embryology Lab, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
“Identifying genetic and environmental factors causing developmental defects in humans and mice”

Michael Kirby10 August
The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG
Former Justice of the High Court of Australia
“After the Bench!”

John Schubert17 August
Dr John Schubert, AO
Chair of the Garvan Institute Board
"The Chinese Curse: “May You Live in Interesting Times”"

Joe Trapani24 August
Professor Joe Trapani
Director, Cancer Research Division and Head, Cancer Immunology Program, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
“Perforin, Immunoregulatory functions and structure/function relations”

Paul Griffiths14 September
Professor Paul Griffiths
Associate Academic Director (Arts and Social Sciences), Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney
“The Concept of Information in Molecular Bioscience: from Crick's Central Dogma to Systems Biology” 

Jonathan Sprent21 September
Professor Jonathan Sprent  Research profile
Lab Head - Cellular Immunity, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
“Cell membrane exchange: from immunoglobulin on T cells to immunotherapy” 

Vanessa Hayes28 September
Professor Vanessa Hayes  Research profile
Lab Head - Human Comparative and Prostate Cancer Genomics, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
“Next Generation Mapping” 

Carolyn Sue12 October
Professor Carolyn Sue
Professor, University of Sydney / Director, Department of Neurogenetics, Royal North Shore Hospital
“Mitochondria in health and disease”

Samuel Klein19 October
Professor Samuel Klein
Director, Center for Human Nutrition, Washington University
“Obesity and Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease” 

Rodney Phillips26 October
Professor Rodney Phillips
Dean of Medicine, UNSW Australia 
“Darwin’s Legacy”

Jane Visvader2 November
Professor Jane Visvader
Joint Division Head, Stem Cells and Cancer, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
“Unravelling breast cancer using the mammary epithelial hierarchy”

Peter Vogt9 November
Professor Peter Vogt
Executive VP & Chief Scientific Officer, Scripps Research Institute
“MYC and the Non-coding Transcriptome”

Rob Parton16 November
Professor Rob Parton
Group Leader, Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine Division, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland 
“Cave exploration at the nanoscale; new insights into the structure and function of caveolae”

Keith McLean23 November          
Dr Keith McLean
Manufacturing Flagship Director, CSIRO
“Implantable Materials for Medical Devices, Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery”

David Bowtell30 November
Professor David Bowtell  Research profile
Lab Head - Ovarian Cancer Research, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
"Insights into the molecular biology of primary, recurrent and end-stage high grade serous ovarian cancer from the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study"