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Public Seminar: A Year in Review

Professor Tri Phan, Dr Ruth Pidsley, and Etienne Masle-Farquhar
7th December 2023
11:30pm01:00am (UTC)

Please join us for the last public seminar of the year.

This seminar is hosted by Garvan's Executive Director, Professor Benjamin Kile, who will reflect on some of the research highlights and breakthroughs of 2023 and share with us his vision for the future.

Speaking at the seminar will be Professor Tri Phan who will take you on a journey through diagnostic odysseys in immunology, Dr Ruth Pidsley who will talk about genetic biomarkers for prostate cancer, and Dr Etienne Masle-Farquhar who will present studies of rogue immune cells that cause autoimmune diseases including common forms of arthritis.


Professor Tri Phan is Co-Director of the Precision Immunology Program at Garvan and Head of the Intravital Microscopy and Gene Expression (IMAGE) Lab. He studied undergraduate medicine at the University of Sydney and completed a double fellowship in Internal Medicine and Pathology at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney. His interest in defining the in vivo contexts of B cell responses and resolving germinal centre selection events in space and time led to postdoctoral studies at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, San Francisco. Tri established an intravital two-photon microscope facility at Garvan in 2010. He also works with patients, combining his clinical training and research to help people particularly with rare immunology diseases. 

Dr Ruth Pidsley is an NHMRC Investigator Fellow, Group Leader of the DNA Methylation Biomarkers group at Garvan and Conjoint Lecturer at St Vincent's Clinical School, UNSW Sydney. She graduated with a degree in Human Sciences from Oxford University, before studying for an MSc/PhD at King's College London, investigating epigenetics in the human brain and neuropsychiatric disorders. In 2013 she transitioned to cancer research, joining Professor Susan Clark’s Epigenetics Research Lab at Garvan, and established her own research group in 2018. The research in Ruth's group focuses primarily on the role of epigenetics in the prostate tumour microenvironment. 

Dr Etienne Masle-Farquhar is a postdoctoral scientist in the Genomic Medicine and Immunogenomics labs at Garvan and Conjoint Lecturer at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. He co-leads the Exceptional Responders in Autoimmune/Inflammatory Diseases (ERAD) program. Using ERAD and supported by the Garvan HOPE program, Etienne's research applies single-cell multiomic and genomic technologies to reveal the underlying mechanisms and possible treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.


All seminars take place in the auditorium at Garvan Institute of Medical Research

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