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Reshaping the future of pancreatic cancer

Dr Sean Porazinski Dr Kendelle Murphy
14th June 2023
04:00am06:00am (UTC)
3D backlit cell

It’s time to reshape the future for people living with pancreatic cancer. The five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer in Australia is 12.2% and only three out of ten of people will survive one year after their diagnosis. One of the reasons pancreatic cancer, is referred to as a ‘silent disease’ is that it’s frequently diagnosed in the later stages of growth. This is because the pancreas is located behind the stomach and the cancer can remain undetected until it grows large enough to affect nearby organs. Prognosis is poor for patients with pancreatic cancer, and alarmingly, treatments and survival rates have not changed for almost 40 years. At Garvan, our aim is to triple survival rates by 2030.

Reshaping the future of pancreatic cancer


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