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Public Seminar: Transforming Immunology

Associate Professor Elissa Deenick and Dr Shruti Swamy
19th October 2023
11:30pm12:30am (UTC)

Join us for an interactive seminar on transforming immunology.

Transforming Immunology Seminar


Associate Professor Elissa Deenick

Associate Professor Elissa Deenick is co-lead of Garvan’s Precision Immunology Program. Her interests lie in lymphocyte activation and differentiation and how this is controlled to ensure protection against infection while avoiding harmful immune responses like allergy and autoimmunity.

In this public seminar, Associate Professor Elissa Deenick will share powerful new insights from her recent study into the genetic causes of a rare immune disease known as APDS – and outline the next steps in her groundbreaking research.

Dr Shruti Swamy

Dr Shruti Swamy is a paediatric allergist and immunologist. Dr Swamy will share her experiences as a clinician and now a researcher, in search of new treatments for children with immune diseases.

“Everyone deserves access to an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.”
Associate Professor Elissa Deenick



All seminars take place in the auditorium at Garvan Institute of Medical Research

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