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The Science of Good Health

We are are witnessing the transformation of health. The fastest technological advance in history has brought human genome sequencing into the clinic, ushering in a new era of personalised medicine and precision health. This includes the integration of genomic data, clinical records, the internet of things and machine learning.

How will health be transformed?

As we move to population-scale genome sequencing, everyone who consents will progressively have their genome sequenced and incorporated into their medical records. This will be invaluable for the strategic planning to take healthcare from the practice of crisis management to the science of good health.

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Professor John Mattick, AO, Executive Director, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Over the past 20 years Professor John Mattick has pioneered a new view of genetic programming by showing that the majority of the genome, previously considered ‘junk’, is actually a dynamic network of regulatory RNAs (important molecules that are vital for life) that guide how we grow and develop. He has published more than 250 research articles and his work has received coverage in Nature, Science, Scientific American, New Scientist and the New York Times, among others.

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Transforming Health at Garvan

Garvan is at the leading edge of medical research in the genomic era and recently became one of the first medical research institutes in the world to acquire technology that can sequence a whole human genome at high throughput and low cost. Using whole-genome sequencing to research deeply into DNA has led to the discovery that all disease is linked to genetic variants, so that instead of treating disease symptoms, we can now target the genetic variants causing them. This is the basis for personalised medicine. It also give Garvan research teams the unparalleled ability to vastly increase our understanding of disease and to develop better, safer, more effective personalised therapies.

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