Partnerships Advisory Council

A Partnerships Advisory Council (PAC), which includes key Garvan staff and representatives from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, ensures the Partnerships team has access to current information on industry need and clinical trends as well as strategic advice on our commercial opportunities.

PAC Activities

The Partnerships Advisory Council:

  1. Assists with the commercialisation activity of the Garvan Partnerships team with particular regard to:
    • providing market “intelligence” on areas of relevance to Garvan and suggesting potential sources for partnering opportunities;
    • assisting in the marketing/licensing efforts through the network of contacts within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical community;
    • providing strategic advice on negotiations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
    • reviewing inventions/innovations with commercial potential; and
    • assisting the development of a marketing strategy for inventions/innovations with commercial potential;
  2. Reviews the marketing strategy and R&D efforts of early stage Garvan spin off companies and assists in determining the most appropriate way to fund the development of these companies into stand alone businesses.
  3. Reviews the IP reward and patenting policies for Garvan inventors.

PAC Members


  • Dr Merilyn Sleigh – Chair
    Biotechnology Advisor and Company Director
  • Dr Lisa McIntyre
  • Mr Bryce Carmine
    Healthcare Consultant
  • Mr Daniel Petre AO
    Non-executive Director, Garvan
  • Dr Russell Howard


  • Prof Chris Goodnow 
    Executive Director, Garvan
  • Prof Trevor Biden
    Faculty Representative
  • Prof Peter Croucher
    Head, Bone Biology Division
  • Ms Christina Hardy
    Group Legal Counsel, Partnerships & Legal Affairs
  • Dr Marie Dziadek
    Chief Scientific Officer