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Ms Christina Hardy:  Director - Corporate, Legal and Partnerships

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Dr Katrina Frankcombe: Senior Manager - Commercial Partnerships & Commercialisation

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Dr Katrina FrankcombeDr Katrina Frankcombe joined the Partnerships team in 2007 and is responsible for commercialisation activities.  Katrina has 10 years of commercialisation experience, both in biotech and technology transfer.  Her background is in pre-clinical drug discovery, having worked for UK and US biotech companies in a number of roles, including business development and lead optimisation consultancy.


Dr Peter Whitfeld: Senior Manager - Academic Partnerships & Translational Development

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Dr Peter Whitfeld

Dr Peter Whitfeld is a Senior Partnerships Manager at the Garvan, and General Manager & Company Secretary at G2 Therapies Pty Ltd. He has more than 25 years' experience in biotech and academic research, in establishing and managing academic / industry research collaborations and in project management, and previously worked at GroPep, Biotech Australia, CSIRO, the Institute for Cancer Research and Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research.


Dr Igor Kardailsky: Software Commercialisation Manager

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Dr Igor KardailskyDr Igor Kardailsky joined the Partnerships team in April 2016. He has more than 25 years of research experience in academia, government and industry, working with model organisms, as well as transfer of technology. Recently, he worked in commercial software development at a successful bioinformatics startup CLC bio that was acquired by Qiagen.

He did his PhD at the UEA in Norwich, UK, worked as a postdoc at the Salk Institute and UC Berkeley, where he pioneered the use of a novel high-throughput genetic screen (activation tagging) in a model system (arabidopsis), and discovered a key genetic switch that regulates developmental transitions. He also worked on transfer of this technology at a CRI in New Zealand. 

Igor combines expert knowledge of fundamental molecular biology and genetics, statistics, genomics and bioinformatics with experience in commercial sector, and is equally comfortable in both science and business worlds. 


John Yap: Contracts and IP Administrator

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Ms Catherine Knowles:  Executive Assistant

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