Licensing Opportunities

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Biomarker panel for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Novel panels of epigenetic biomarkers for (1) diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer and detection of minimal residual disease; and (2) predicting prognosis of patients with triple negative breast cancer.

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Anticancer antibody targeting NPY & PYY A humanised monoclonal antibody functioning via a novel mechanism of action that effectively neutralizes NPY/PYY, reducing tumour growth and increasing survival in animal tumour models. The antibody has a dual effect; directly targeting the tumour in addition to modulation of the immune system.  Read more – View or download the flyer
New target for insulin resistance & Type-2 Diabetes: PKCε The lipid-regulated protein kinase C isoform, PKCε, plays a central role in β-cell dysfunction. Inhibition of PKCε corrects multiple dysfunctions associated with type-2 diabetes - including increasing glucose stimulated insulin secretion - with minimal side effects, providing unique benefits over existing therapies.  Read more – View or download the flyer
Novel marker for diagnosis of ovarian cancer A novel diagnostic biomarker for the detection of ovarian cancer.  Hyper-methylation of LOC134466 - indicative of the presence of cancer and measurable in blood measured – is candidate marker for early detection and post-surgical surveillance or monitoring the success of treatment and relapse/recurrence of disease. Read more – View or download the flyer

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