Prof Neil Watkins

After completing medical school, physician training and a PhD in Perth Western Australia, Dr Watkins moved to the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre in Baltimore MD, reaching the rank of Associate Professor of Oncology.  During his postdoctoral training, he was supervised by Dr Steve Baylin (Profess
Petre Chair in Cancer Biology, Lab Head - Cancer Developmental Biology

After completing medical school, physician training and a PhD in Perth Western Australia, Dr Watkins moved to the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre in Baltimore MD, reaching the rank of Associate Professor of Oncology.  During his postdoctoral training, he was supervised by Dr Steve Baylin (Professor of Oncology, Assistant Director of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Centre) and Dr Phil Beachy (Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics and Howard Hughes Medical Investigator).  Both are world-renowned in the fields of cancer epigenetics and developmental biology, respectively. 

His work focused on the role of aberrant developmental pathways in cancer and how they might be pharmacologically exploited therapeutically.  These studies have led to several extremely high impact publications, funding from internationally competitive research grants, multiple research awards and the development of a rapid translational pipeline, resulting in the delivery of these new therapeutic approaches the clinic.

His PhD thesis was supported by an NHRMC scholarship, and the first two years of his postdoctoral fellowship by a NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship.  While on the faculty at Johns Hopkins, he successfully obtained large-scale extramural funding as a principal investigator, including several NIH grants. His work was also recognised by several highly prestigious awards, including the National Cancer Institute Career Development Award, the General Motors Award for Cancer Research, and the Children’s Brain Tumour Foundation House of Hope Award.

Since his return to Australia in 2009, Dr Watkins has secured major NHMRC funding, including a Senior Research Fellowship, and large scale program funding from the Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA). Within 5 years, he has established a basic and translational research laboratory of 8 outstanding young scientists, established key collaborations within Australia, and has developed a nationally recognised mouse cancer genetics program. In addition, he has played key leadership roles in Monash University’s strategic plan for cancer research, the formation of the Monash Comprehensive Cancer Consortium, and more recently, as an advisor to the Victorian Minister for Health on the Victorian Cancer Agency Council.

Research Interests

Developmental Biology
Mouse Models of Cancer
Lung Cancer
Cancers of Childhood

Awards and Honours

2010 - Monash Medical Student Outstanding Supervisor Award, Monash University
2009 - NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship
2005 - Research Fellowship, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Research Foundation
2004 - National Cancer Institute Career Development Award
2003 - General Motors Scholars Award, Johns Hopkins University
2002 - NCI/SPORE Career Development Award, National Cancer Institute
1998 - NHMRC of Australia CJ Martin Fellowship, NHMRC
1997 - Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Young Investigator Award


1998 - PhD, University of Western Australia
1993 - FRACP, Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Australia
1987 - MBBS, University of Western Australia

Selected Publications

Lee WTY, Cain JE, Cuddihy A, Johnson J, Dickinson A, Yeung K-Y, Kimar B, Johns TG, Watkins DN, Spencer A, St John JC. Mitochondrial DNA plasticity is an essential inducer of tumorigenesis. Cell Death Discovery, 2016; 2:16016.

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Muscat A, Popovski D, Jayasekara S, Rossello F, Alamgeer M, Algar EM, Feguson M, Downie P, Watkins DN, Cain JE, Ashley DM. Low-dose histone deacetylase inhibitor treatment leads to tumour growth arrest and multi-lineage differentiation of malignant rhabdoid tumours. Clin Cancer Res, 2016 clincanres.2260.2015. [Epub ahead of print]

Deane JA, Ong YR, Cain JE, Jayesekara SW, Tiwari A, Carlone DL, Watkins DN, Breault DT, Gargett CE. The mouse endometrium contains epithelial, endothelial and leukocyte populations expressing the stem cell marker telomerase reverse transcriptase. Human Mol Reprod, 2016 Apr;22(4):272-84

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