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Brigid O'Gorman

Dr Brigid O'Gorman

Senior Research Officer
Cancer Epigenetics Lab

Dr Brigid O’Gorman performed her postgraduate research with Professor John Crown and Dr Norma O'Donovan at St. Vincent’s University Hospital and Dublin City University, Ireland, where she was awarded her PhD in 2008. Her work investigated tyrosine kinase signalling in HER2-positive breast cancer, with a particular focus on resistance to Herceptin. During her PhD studies, she spent a year and a half at UCLA, USA, working in the laboratory of Dr Dennis Slamon. Brigid first joined the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in 2009 and spent four years as a post-doctoral researcher with Professor Roger Daly’s Signal Transduction group in the Cancer Program. During this time, Brigid was involved in several projects, including proteomic profiling of drug-resistant ER-positive breast cancer, and elucidating signalling mechanisms contributing to the basal-like breast cancer phenotype. After a maternity break, Brigid returned to Garvan in 2014, joining the Epigenetics Research group as a Senior Project Officer. This position has taken Brigid out of the lab and into the office environment, where her roles include facilitating the completion of manuscripts and grant applications, preparing figures, analysing data, editing and proofreading and writing review articles, as well as developing and managing a website for the Australian Epigenetics Alliance (AEpiA).