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Kenny Ip

Dr Kenny Ip

Research Officer

During Dr Kenny Ip’s PhD study, he investigated the functional role of transcription factors (Lhx1 and Otx2) that are critical for the development of the embryonic brain in mouse during gastrulation stage. Thereafter he developed a great interest in how the brain functions to orchestrate behavioural change in response to stress. Kenny started his postdoctoral research career in the neuroscience from Professor Herbert Herzog’s laboratory in the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Since becoming a postdoctoral fellow, he has investigated various aspects of feeding behaviour and obesity development. In particular, he is interested in how stress influences appetite and energy homeostasis.


  • 2010Summer Research Scholarship - University of Sydney
  • 2011Australia Postgraduate Award
  • 2011Children’s Medical Research Institute Postgraduate Research Scholarship
  • 2011International Postgraduate Research Scholarship
  • 2013Postgraduate Research Support Scheme - University of Sydney
  • 2014Postgraduate Research Support Scheme - University of Sydney
  • 2016Best poster prize from the Metabolic Diseases; Breakthroughs Discoveries in Diabetes & Obesity conference - Melbourne
  • 2017Nominated speaker for the Hypothalamic Neuroscience and Neuroendocrinology Australasia (HNNA) symposium ECR presentations
  • 2019AACBS 13th Research Excellence Award
  • 2019Nominated speaker for the 12th International NPY·PYY·PP 2019 meeting
  • 2019Nominated speaker for the 21st Genes - Brain and Behavior meeting 2019
  • 2019Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Travel Award - International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society