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Vanessa Tan

Dr Vanessa Tan

Program Manager

Vanessa is the Program Manager for the Rare Disease Program. She is passionate about supporting researchers to achieving research success. She has a proven track record in designing and implementing multifaceted projects, particularly for Early Career Researchers. She believes that it is important to help Researchers communicate their impacts and achievements, and build networks for the future. In her academic career, Vanessa's focus was on neurotoxins and biomarkers in Motor Neuron Disease. She is particularly proud to be part of the foundational team that established the MND Neurodegenerative Diseases Biobank. She engaged with patients, created laboratory workflows and conducted research into optimizing LIMS and hardware associated with limited budget and scope. Vanessa is a positive person who enjoys bridging medical research to the broader community. She has a growth mindset, and is focused on achieving future-proofed goals. Vanessa has initiative, and is good at adapting methods to achieve desired outcomes, through finding efficient solutions for tasks through understanding the needs and scope of the project with competing priorities and deadlines. Her professional goals are focused on being able to contribute to the improvement of public health through a career in project management in medical research. Vanessa particularly enjoys diving into evidence-based practices, and letting data lead the way.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D))Macquarie University, Australia
  • University of New South Wales, Australia