About the Centre

Read about our vision, our team, and transforming the future of intravital imaging

Our multidisciplinary team, including world-class experts in physics and engineering, has pioneered the development of intravital imaging technology, to be housed in the new Australian Cancer Research Foundation Centre for Intravital Imaging of Niches for Cancer Immune Therapy (ACRF INCITe Centre) located in the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. 


Through the ACRF INCITe Centre, researchers can directly visualise how immune cells and cancer cells interact in real-time in their native microenvironment. This allows us to study and modulate the mechanisms of action of immuno- and chemotherapies, how cancer cells resist and avoid therapy, which will enable new advances in cancer research. Outcomes will be translated into current clinical trials which will directly benefit patients with difficult to treat cancers.

Our vision

Our vision is to implement radical new technologies to study cancer-immune cell interactions in vivo and in real-time – allowing us to develop new immunotherapy approaches. By harnessing the potential of cancer immunotherapy, the Centre aims to improve treatment for all cancer patients. The INCITe Centre represents the future of translational cancer research.


Tri Phan and Paul Timspon

Prof. Tri Phan, Co-Director and Prof. Paul Timpson, Co-Director