Bone Biology

Bone Biology

Peter Croucher manages a highly competitive research group with an international reputation for research in bone cell biology, tumour-induced bone disease and its clinical translation. This includes research into the understanding how tumours grow in bone and cause bone disease, particularly the haematological malignancy multiple myeloma, and breast and prostate cancer bone metastasis. This has been based on the development of some of the most robust experimental models available of cancers that grow in bone, particular models of tumour cell dormancy and activation. This work has been underpinned by ‘state of the art’ imaging technology, including two-photon intra-vital imaging, three-dimensional bioluminescence imaging and ex vivo and in vivo micro-CT imaging, along with detailed dynamic bone histomorphometric techniques.

In addition, Peter has research interests in the development of new high resolution screening techniques to identify new genes that regulate bone mass. He and his group aim to identify new genes, which can possibly represent new therapeutic targets for the treatment of osteoporosis and cancer-induced bone disease.

Peter is the one of the principle investigators on two major international collaborations; ProMis (Prostate Cancer Metastasis) ( and The Origins of Bone and Cartilage Disease Project ( ProMis is a new collaborative prostate cancer research consortium dedicated to addressing the mechanisms behind, and ultimately developing new treatments for, lethal prostate cancer metastasis. The Origins of Bone and Cartilage Disease (OCBD) project is a collaboration which aims to identify genetic causes and identify the molecular mechanisms underlying the onset and progression of bone and cartilage disease. The project is focused on promoting scientific collaboration and research training in skeletal biology.  

Peter plays an active role in research supervision. He has successfully supervised students for higher degrees and MSc and MPhil students. Peter’s research is currently funded by the Cancer Council, Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust and the European Union.

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