Key pathways driving normal mammary development are often hijacked and subverted by the carcinogenic process. This is the case for the ETS transcription factor Elf5, a master regulator of mammary alveolar development that specifies the formation of the estrogen receptor negative (ER-) secretory lineage during pregnancy. We have recently discovered that Elf5 acts during the specification of the basal breast cancer subtype by opposing estrogen action via direct transcriptional repression of FoxA1. This mechanism is also apparent in luminal breast cancer cells that have become resistant to anti-estrogen therapy.

Basal and estrogen resistant breast cancers are characterised by a higher risk of metastasis and poor prognosis. Our group is investigating the role of Elf5 in tumour development from two different perspectives, i) cell autonomous effects of Elf5 in hormone sensitivity suppression and therapy resistance; and ii) the effect of Elf5 in the tumour microenvironment, and in particular in the infiltrated immune system, a major component of tumour microenvironment-induced metastasis.

Our findings suggest that suppression of Elf5 in breast cancer may act to maintain sensitivity to antiestrogens and simultaneously suppress the metastatic phenotype in luminal A breast cancers. Patterns of Elf5 expression may provide a marker predicting antiestrogen-insensitive metastasis in luminal breast cancer.

Selected Publications

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