Prof Lisa Horvath

Group Leader - Clinical Prostate Cancer Research

Conjoint/Adjunct Role(s)

Conjoint Senior Lecturer, St Vincent's Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney
Conjoint Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney

Prof Lisa Horvath is the Director of the Department of Medical Oncology and Senior Staff Specialist at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse and a Visiting Scientist at the Garvan Institute for Medical Research/The Kinghorn Cancer Centre. She has an active clinical practice and is involved with a large number of clinical trials in prostate, lung and colorectal cancers in addition to phase I trial work. Her research interest is predominantly on tissue biomarkers of prognosis in localised prostate cancer and drug resistance in castrate resistant prostate cancer.

Lisa completed medical school at the University of Sydney and trained in medical oncology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. She subsequently worked at the Garvan Institute completing her PhD in translational research in 2004. She was appointed as a senior staff specialist at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in 2003. Her research integrates clinical trial work and correlative biomarker studies using both standard and experimental anti-cancer treatments.

While mainly a prostate cancer researcher, she has also applied this paradigm to lung and colorectal cancer research. She is also a senior lecturer at both the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales Australia. Lisa has published more than 40 original research papers in peer-reviewed journals in the last 10 years. She has presented extensively at national and international meetings.

Selected Publications

Lin HM, Castillo L, Mahon KL, Chiam K, Lee BY, Nguyen Q, Boyer MJ, Stockler MR, Pavlakis N, Marx G, Mallesara G, Gurney H, Qu W, Clark SJ, Swarbrick A, Daly RJ and Horvath LG. Circulating microRNAs are associated with docetaxel chemotherapy outcome in castration-resistant prostate cancer. British Journal of Cancer 110:2462-2471.

Lee, BY, Hochgrafe F, Lin HM, Castillo L, Wu J, Raftery M, Shreeve SM, Horvath LG* and Daly RJ*. Focal Adhesion Kinase: A mediator of Docetaxel Resistance in Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer *authors contributed equally to paper. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 13: 190-201, 2014.

Selth LA, Townley SL, Bert AG, Stricker PD, Sutherland PD, Horvath LG, Goodall GJ, Butler LM, Tilley WD. Circulating microRNAs predicts biochemical relapse in prostate cancer patients. British Journal of Cancer 109: 641-50, 2013.

Hulf T, Sibbritt T, Wiklund ED, Song JZ, Stirzaker C, Qu W, Horvath LG, Kench JG, Sutherland RL, Clark SJ. MicroRNA-205 is epigenetically repressed in prostate cancer resulting in upregulation of the androgen receptor coactivator MED1. Oncogene 32:2891-9, 2013.

Horvath LG, Lelliott JE, Kench JG, Lee CS, Williams ED, Saunders DN, Grygiel JJ, Sutherland RL. Henshall SM. Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 4 inhibits proliferation and metastatic potential in prostate cancer. The Prostate 67, 1081-1090, 2007.

Prof Lisa Horvath