Connie Johnson Breast Cancer Research

The Connie Johnson Breast Cancer Research Group is a translational research laboratory that was established in 2015. We perform clinically focused laboratory research in partnership with patients who generously donate their tissues as critical building blocks for our experiments. These include the establishment of patient-derived breast tumour xenografts in mice, and the comparison of normal and breast cancer tissue in patients.

We evaluate novel therapies in these preclinical breast cancer models, allowing us to understand the mechanisms of action and resistance, and to develop the preclinical rationale to move these treatments into clinical trials in patients. Another major focus of our group is hormone receptors (such as the estrogen and androgen receptors) in breast cancers, and identifying ways to sensitise these cancer cells to endocrine therapies.

Our research is funded through the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Cancer Australia, Australia & New Zealand Breast Cancer Trialist Group, St Vincent's Clinic Foundation and the Love Your Sister foundation. 

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