Garvan Cancer Biology Seminars

Garvan Cancer Biology Seminars

We would like to invite you to join us for a new initiative this year, the Garvan Cancer Biology seminar series. The seminar is divided into two parts, the first will be led by clinicians who will overview the current treatments and clinical challenges within each tumour stream.

The second part of the course will be led by faculty members of the Garvan Cancer Division, focusing on cancer biology. This free course is open to all clinicians and scientists alike, with an aim of facilitating interactions between both groups. We believe that this course fills a gap in the current training of both oncologists and cancer researchers, and we look forward to your participation.

Attendance and Live Stream

You can join us in person or simply log on to to watch the live stream.  You can also view the seminar in real time on your iPhone by downloading the Join.Me app and entering garvancancerbiology when prompted for the meeting code.

Preliminary Program

Convenors: Elgene Lim, Peter Manders, David Thomas and Anthony Joshua

Friday 1-2pm, Kinghorn Room 895 (unless stated otherwise). No Seminar on the last friday of each month. 

Date Topic  Speaker Note
5/02/2016 Luminal breast cancer and endocrine resistance Elgene Lim
12/02/2016 Prostate Cancer Anthony Joshua
19/02/2016 Melanoma and immunotherapy Anthony Joshua
4/03/2016 Sarcoma 1 David Thomas
11/03/2016 Bladder and RCC Anthony Joshua
18/03/2016 HER2+ breast cancer Rachel Dear
8/04/2016 Rare Cancers David Thomas
15/04/2016 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Elgene Lim
22/04/2016 Delivering Serious News Clinical Pyschology
6/05/2016 Radiation Oncology Gerald Fogerty
13/05/2016 Cancer Genetics Allan Spigelman
20/05/2016 Lung Cancer - Metastatic NSCLC Rachel Dear
3/06/2016 Oncogenes and Tumour Suppressor Genes Neil Watkins
10/06/2016 ASCO update
17/06/2016 Circulating tumour cells and DNA Charlotte Lemech
Mid-Year Break
15/07/2016 Bowel Cancer Basics For Beginners Richard Epstein

Targeting the Bone Microenvironment in Breast Cancer

Prof Michael Gnant Venue: John Shine Room


Date Topic  Proposed Speaker Note

Testis Tumors

Richard Epstein

19/08/2016 Germline Genetics and Molecular Epidemiology  David Thomas  2-3pm
16/09/2016 Cell survival and apoptosis Samantha Oakes
7/10/2016 Tumour Host interactions Paul Timpson
4/11/2016 Immuno-surveillance in cancer metastasis Stuart Tangye
11/11/2016 Cancer progression and metastases Alex Swarbrick
18/11/2016 Cancer Genomics David Bowtell
9/12/2016 Cancer Bioinfomatics 101 Mark Cowley
16/12/2016 Network Biology David Croucher
13/01/2017 Biomarkers and novel cancer therapies Marina Pajic