Genomic Cancer Medicine lab

Genomic Cancer Medicine

The application of genomic technologies to cancer medicine

Sarcomas are devastating cancers that arise in the connective tissues – bone, muscle, fat, cartilage. They account for 1% of all cancer, but up to 20% of cancers in children and young adults. My lab is interested in the germline and somatic genetics of sarcomas, as well as cancers more broadly in young adults.

We use patient-centred approaches to understanding human disease, complemented with cellular and animal models to explore biological processes relevant to cancer. We have a particular focus on generating informative cohorts of patients and families affected by cancer, and applying state-of-the-art genomic technologies to understanding why some individuals are affected by cancer, and how cancers evolve. 

More recently, we have become interested in developing innovative strategies to translate insights generated using basic research tools into opportunities to help patients and their families. These approaches include pilot programs for risk modification for individuals who are prone to cancer, aimed at early detection and better treatment; and at innovations in clinical trials that will increase access of cancer patients to new therapies.

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