DNA and RNA Methodologies Group

The focus of the DNA and RNA Methodologies Group is the development and application of innovative methods and novel approaches to overcome current scientific limitations. Early work created two diagnostics for cancer-associated fusion genes using hybridisation capture sequencing (the RNA-based FuSeq tests), with the same technology applied to conventional DNA ChIP-seq for enhanced epigenetic studies (the ChIP-CapSeq protocol).

We initially focused on realising the clinical potential of the FuSeq tests to accurately diagnose fusion genes in cancer patients, surpassing conventional testing methods such as FISH and qRT-PCR. Given our technical expertise, the group’s research portfolio has expanded to include hybridisation capture sequencing for the Molecular Screening and Therapeutics (MoST) program of Prof David Thomas, with the objective of translating genomic screening into health outcomes for Australian cancer patients with advanced disease and an unmet clinical need.

In line with our current projects, we are also currently developing new methodologies to improve sequencing library preparation methods for DNAs and RNAs sourced from formalin-fixed tissues.

Selected Publications

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