Dr Mandy Ballinger

Group Leader - Genetic Cancer Risk

Mandy’s research is focused on genetic cancer risk.  Key to this is the International Sarcoma Kindred Study (ISKS) which was formed to investigate the familial aspects of sarcoma.  Since it’s inception in 2008, Mandy has overseen recruitment of more than 1,700 families across 7 countries (Australia, France, India, Korea, New Zealand, USA, UK).

The high frequency of germline TP53 mutations detected in the ISKS prompted development of the Surveillance Study in Multi-Organ Cancer prone syndromes (SMOC+) which has recently been extended to include all those identified as being at cancer risk by genotype.  Mandy also co-ordinates the Genetic Cancer Risk in the Young (Cancer Risk) Study investigating the heritable burden of cancer in a young population suggestive of a genetic etiology. 

Mandy is involved with several research projects utilising the ISKS, Cancer Risk and SMOC+ resources.  She is a member of the World Sarcoma Network, the Li Fraumeni Exploration (LiFE) consortium and the eviQ Cancer Genetics Reference Committee.  Mandy has created powerful tools in these cohorts for both discovery and translation, and has well developed skills in clinical genetics, cohort research, and clinical interventions.  

Mandy’s goal is to utilise these cohorts to define the extent of heritable risk in sarcoma and other cancers, and to turn the cohorts into vehicles for intervention to change practice and improve outcomes for families.

Research Interests

Genetic cancer risk
Hereditary cancer
Li Fraumeni syndrome
Cancer surveillance
Disclosure of clinically significant research findings


Current - Master of Genetic Counselling, University of Sydney, Sydney - Australia
2006 - PhD, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
2002 - BSc First Class Honours (Major: Biochemistry), Monash University, Melbourne - Australia
2001 – BAppSc (Applied Biology), Monash University, Melbourne - Australia

Selected Publications

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Dr Mandy Ballinger