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Selected Publications

Cazet, A. S., Hui, M. N., Elsworth, B. L., Wu, S. Z., Roden, D., Chan, C.-L., . . . Swarbrick, A. (2018). Targeting stromal remodeling and cancer stem cell plasticity to overcome chemoresistance in triple negative breast cancer. Nature Communications, Accepted. doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/215954

Singh, M., Al-Eryani G., et al. Goodnow C.*, Smith, M.* Swarbrick, A.*. High-throughput targeted long-read single cell sequencing reveals the clonal and transcriptional landscape of lymphocytes. BioRxiV, doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/424945 (Preprint)

Lin, H. M., Nikolic, I., Yang, J., Castillo, L., Deng, N., Chan, C. L., . . . Swarbrick, A. (2018). MicroRNAs as potential therapeutics to enhance chemosensitivity in advanced prostate cancer. Sci Rep, 8 (1), 7820. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-26050-y

Nikolic, I., Elsworth, B., Dodson, E., Wu, S. Z., Gould, C. M., Mestdagh, P., . . . Swarbrick, A. (2017). Discovering cancer vulnerabilities using high-throughput micro-RNA screening. Nucleic Acids Research, 45 (22), 12657-12670.

Papachristou, E. K., Kishore, K., Holding, A. N., Harvey, K., Roumeliotis, T. I., Chilamakuri, C. S. R., . . . Carroll, J. S. (2018). Quantitative Multiplexed Rapid Immunoprecipitation Mass spectrometry of Endogenous proteins (qPLEX-RIME) for monitoring the Dynamics of Chromatin-Associated Complexes. Nature Communications, Accepted.

Lin HM, Mahon KL, Spielman C, Gurney H, Mallesara G, Stockler MR, Bastick P, Briscoe K, Marx G, Swarbrick A, Horvath LG.  Phase 2 study of circulating microRNA biomarkers in castration-resistant prostate cancer.  Br J Cancer. 2017. [Epub ahead of print].

Junankar, S., B. L., D.L. Roden, R. Nair, B. Elsworth, D. Gallego-Ortega, P. Lacaze, A. Cazet, I. Nikolic, W. Siang-Teo, J. Yang, A. McFarland, K. Harvey, M.J. Naylor, S.R. Lakhani, P.T. Simpson, A. Raghavendra, J. Saunus, J. Madore, W. Kaplan, C. Ormandy, E.K.A. Millar, S. O'Toole, K. Yun, and A. Swarbrick, ID4 controls mammary stem cells and marks breast cancers with a stem cell-like phenotype Nature Communications, 2015 6:6548.

Nair R, Roden DL, Teo WS, McFarland A, Junankar S, Ye S, Nguyen A, Yang J, Nikolic I, Hui M, Morey A, Shah J, Pfefferle AD, Usary J, Selinger C, Baker LA, Armstrong N, Cowley MJ, Naylor MJ, Ormandy CJ, Lakhani SR, Herschkowitz JI, Perou CM, Kaplan W, O'Toole SA, Swarbrick A. c-Myc and Her2 cooperate to drive a stem-like phenotype with poor prognosis in breast cancer. Oncogene.  Oncogene, 2014. 33(30): p. 3992-4002

O'Toole, S.A., D.A. Machalek, R.F. Shearer, E.K. Millar, R. Nair, P. Schofield, D. McLeod, C.L. Cooper, C.M. McNeil, A. McFarland, A. Nguyen, C.J. Ormandy, M.R. Qiu, B. Rabinovich, L.G. Martelotto, D. Vu, G.E. Hannigan, E.A. Musgrove, D. Christ, R.L. Sutherland, D.N. Watkins, and A. Swarbrick, Hedgehog Overexpression Is Associated with Stromal Interactions and Predicts for Poor Outcome in Breast Cancer. Cancer Research, 2011; 71(11): p. 4002-4014.

Swarbrick, A*., S.L. Woods, A. Shaw, A. Balakrishnan, Y. Phua, A. Nguyen, Y. Chanthery, L. Lim, L.J. Ashton, R.L. Judson, N. Huskey, R. Blelloch, M. Haber, M.D. Norris, P. Lengyel, C.S. Hackett, T. Preiss, A. Chetcuti, C.S. Sullivan, E.G. Marcusson, W. Weiss, N. L'Etoile, and A. Goga*, miR-380-5p represses p53 to control cellular survival and is associated with poor outcome in MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma. Nature Medicine, 2010; 16(10): p. 1134-40. * Co-corresponding authors

Swarbrick, A*., E. Roy, T. Allen, and J.M. Bishop*, Id1 cooperates with oncogenic Ras to induce metastatic mammary carcinoma by subversion of the cellular senescence response. PNAS, 2008; 105(14): p. 5402-5407. *Co-corresponding authors

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