Research services

Research services

The Garvan Institute has established a wide range of research capabilities over many decades that enable its scientists to undertake cutting edge biomedical research using state-of-the art technologies and equipment. Some of these capabilities are established as core facilities that can be used by internal and external researchers on a user-pay basis. Other capabilities are provided through the technical expertise of research scientists who can provide advice and training and engage in collaborative projects.

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Animal Imaging Thumbnail

Animal imaging

The Animal Imaging Facility providing state-of-the-art in vivo imaging for small animals, including micro-computed tomography (CT) scanning, fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging and two intravital microscopes.

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Animal Research ThumbnailAnimal research

Garvan has established the off-site Australian BioResources Pty Ltd facility for breeding of mouse strains for Garvan researchers and partner institutes, and has an in-house SPF facility for small scale housing of small rodents and zebrafish, with specialised facilities for phenotypic analyses and experimental work.

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Biodata Visualisation ThumbnailBiodata visualisation

Garvan scientists are developing methods and tools that help life scientists exploit these large datasets to gain insight into underlying biological and biomedical processes and use data visualization to communicate complex science to the general public via biomedical animations.

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Bioinformatics ThumbnailBioinformatics

Garvan has built critical mass in bioinformatics expertise and computing infrastructure to enable analysis of large data sets arising from next generation sequencing and mass spectrometry, to build applications for management of clinical datasets and for biovisualisation. 

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Clinical Research ThumbnailClinical research

The Clinical Research Facility provides a dedicated research space, expertise and equipment to support a wide range of clinical research activities and complex research procedures.

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Flow Cytometry ThumbnailFlow cytometry

The Garvan Flow Cytometry Facility offers access to cell sorting, flow based cell analysis equipment as well as data analysis programs and workstations as well as expert advice in flow cytometry related issues.

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Functional Genomics ThumbnailFunctional genomics

The Functional Genomics Facility allows users to conduct unbiased screens for genes or drugs that regulate various cell biological processes. It runs as a “research driven, staff assisted” model.

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Genome editing

Mouse Engineering at Garvan/ABR (MEGA) offers an integrated service to generate novel GM mouse lines quickly and cost-effectively using CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

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Garvan has a purpose-built genomics facility for next generation sequencing, for both clinical-grade genomic sequencing, sequencing of non-human research samples, and other next generation sequencing applications, such as RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq and bisulfite sequencing.

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Histopathology ThumbnailHistopathology

Garvan has established a state-of-the-art histology facility within The Kinghorn Cancer Centre with specialist staff able to provide researchers with either a full service or training in the use of some of the specialist equipment.

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Microscopy ThumbnailMicroscopy

One of Garvan’s major capabilities is in microscopy, providing researchers with easy access to a huge variety of state-of-the-art imaging techniques for single-molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, intra-vital and whole animal imaging.

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Molecular Genetics ThumbnailMolecular genetics

The Garvan Molecular Genetics core facility (formerly the ACRF Facility for the Molecular Genetics of Cancer) offers high throughput services covering the areas of sequencing, mouse genotyping, SNP genotyping, methylation quantification and gene expression analysis. A diversity of platforms is available within the facility.  

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Nanopore sequencing

Garvan operates Australia’s leading Oxford Nanopore research sequencing service, offering genome, transcriptome and metagenome sequencing projects of any size/specifications. Read more about our research sequencing using Oxford Nanopore Technology.