Cancer Is Not One Disease Animation

Tumour Suppressor Protein p53 binds to DNA

Cancer Is Not One Disease is an animated short documentary that draws on the experience of a patient living with pancreatic cancer, raw scientific data and visual effects to show some of the complexities of cancer.

Over a long period of time, molecular 'mistakes' can accumulate in a cell, which increases the risk of cancer. There are thousands of molecular mistakes that can occur in cancer and every cancer is unique.

Now, these specific mistakes can be detected in individual cancer patients, which is providing new hope for the future of personalised cancer treatment. 


This is one scene from Cancer Is Not One Disease by Kate Patterson

Cancer Cells Undergoing Mitosis shows how a normal cell, in the pancreas can start to divide out of control. This animation was created using 3D animation software Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects. Scientific images and movies from light and electron microscopy were used as reference material. 


More information on research into cell division at Garvan can be found here: Cancer: Cell Division

More information on microscopy at Garvan can be found here: Microscopy


This project is funded by Inspiring Australia and The Garvan Institute