Garvan established the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (KCCG) in October 2012 as a purpose-built facility for undertaking state-of-the-art clinical-grade genomic sequencing using next generation sequencing technologies, through generous support from the Kinghorn Foundation.

Technology Platforms

KCCG is housed on level 7 of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre. It contains two Illumina HiSeq 2500s, that combined are capable of sequencing 175 clinical-grade exomes (>200X mean coverage) or 10 clinical-grade whole genomes (>40X mean coverage) per week. KCCG is also equipped with ultra-high performance computing that has been tailor-designed for genome informatics. The system, which is housed within the Garvan IT data-centre, comprises 1400 CPU cores, 10 TB of memory and 1 PB of storage. 

The sequencers in KCCG are also available to researchers for other next generation sequencing applications, such as RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq and bisulfite sequencing, and for sequencing of non-human research samples.


KCCG undertakes collaborative research projects with scientists at the Garvan Institute as well as external partners, in all areas of medical research.  As well as sequencing and high performance computing, KCCG also undertakes genome-based research to improve the interpretation of genomes and genome variants with the overall aim to further the use of genomic information in patient care.