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DNA PREP Symphony 2

DNA / RNA Extraction at Garvan Molecular Genetics


High Throughput Service Magnetic Bead Extraction

Garvan Molecular Genetics is now providing a DNA/RNA extraction service. The DNA / RNA extraction will be performed on the QiaSymphony robot. The QiaSymphony extracts nucleic acid with magnetic bead technology from tissue, cells, blood and buffy coat samples in the range of 10-100ng/ul (total volume of 50ul, 100ul or 200ul according to your needs).

The QiaSymphony permits sample processing of various materials and with different extraction kits at the same time. Samples can be loaded whilst the robot is already running. Reagent cassettes can be inserted into the lower compartment and will be accessed by the instrument when needed.

We will operate and maintain the QiaSymphony and provide a complete service for standard samples. For FFPE samples and all samples that require additional steps before extraction which are not included in the automated extraction protocol we offer clients to perform the preparation steps themselves or pay an extra fee so our staff will prepare samples as needed.


Turnaround time 

There are three levels of turnaround time for this service for standard samples (without further preparation steps):

  • normal (48h, standard price)
  • urgent (24h standard price +50% surcharge)
  • very urgent (8h standard price +100% surcharge)



For prices please see our Molecular Genetics Shop webpage.


Sample Submission

Please use our Email your Sample Submission Form to submit samples and once filled in send to our . 

Once your samples have been extracted and DNA or RNA is ready for collection you will be notified via email.

Internal clients can drop off samples on level 8, Garvan (RNA samples in freezer 8457 corridor to TKCC, DNA samples in fridge 5117 room 8.05)

Manual Extraction Options

In addition to our automated medium to high throughput service we also sell spin columns for manual DNA extraction. There are currently two options for extraction, the DNA easy kit and the DNA investigator kit.

DNA easy kit


The DNA easy kit is meant to be used for all regular extractions from blood, tissue, cell pellets or regular sources of sample material. The yield of a standard tissue or blood sample averages around 50ng/ul in 200ul extraction volume.

The DNA investigator kit is designed to be used on difficult sources for forensic purposes. It allows the purification of very small amounts of DNA from material with less than 10ng of DNA like swabs, chewing gum, serum, cigarette butts, laser dissected specimen, bones or teeth. Carrier RNA is added and special columns are used to achieve this high performance extraction. The yield depends greatly on the material used for DNA extraction and can be anywhere in the range from <1 to maximum 50ng/ul in 100ul volume.


DNA Extraction Workflow

Workflow of Qiagen Spin Column Extraction

The actual process of DNA extraction follows the usual workflow of column-based DNA cleanups. Binding of DNA in high salt conditions to silica membranes, washing with Ethanol based washbuffers and elution in low salt conditions.

The DNA is extracted in a buffer which contains some Tris, no EDTA and is adjusted to a pH of 8.

You can choose the elution volume to be 100ul or 200ul.

The manual extraction time (excluding Prot K digestion) is about 20min per sample. 

Column Cleaned DNA/RNA extraction on the QiaCube

Qiagen QiaCube DNA/RNA ExtractionFor very clean DNA/RNA needs (cleaner than magentic bead extraction)  we also offer a silica membrane spin column extraction in the facility. The Qiacube instrument runs all QIAGEN® spin-column kits currently on the market for DNA and RNA extraction.

Please indicate that you wish your samples to be extracted with the Qiacube instrument on the sample submission form. The prices for this extraction are higher as the reagents are more costly and there is more manual handling involved. Please see our Molecular Genetics Shop webpage for more information.