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DNA / RNA Extraction at Garvan Molecular Genetics


High Throughput Service Magnetic Bead Extraction

Garvan Molecular Genetics is now providing a nucleic acid extraction service. The DNA or RNA extraction will be performed manually (single spin columns) or with a high throughput semi-automated procedure (96x well spin column plates). We extract from tissue, cells, serum, swabs, FFPE, blood and buffy coat samples. You can determine the extraction volume according to your needs.

For all samples that require additional preparative steps before extraction (for example FFPE or difficult tissue samples that require homogenization) we offer clients to perform the preparative steps themselves and reduce the cost of extraction.


Turnaround time 

There are three levels of turnaround time for this service for standard samples (without further preparation steps):

  • normal (48h, standard price)
  • urgent (24h standard price +50% surcharge)
  • very urgent (8h standard price +100% surcharge)



For prices please see our Molecular Genetics Shop webpage.


Sample Submission

Please use our online sample submission portal to submit your samples (Access to our Online Sample Submission Portal) and send samples via Australia mail or courier to: 

Attn. Teighan Greaves

Garvan Molecular Genetics

Garvan Institute of Medical Research

384 Victoria Street

Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010

(Internal clients can drop off RNA samples in freezer 8457 and DNA samples in fridge 5117 in the corridor to TKCC, Garvan level 8 in front of room 8.05)

Extracted Sample Reception


Once your samples have been processed and the DNA or RNA samples are ready for collection you will be notified by our online sample submission software via email to your nominated email address. Samples can be picked up or sent via courier at your cost. 


DNA easy kit


DNA Extraction Workflow

Workflow of Qiagen Spin Column Extraction

The actual process of DNA extraction follows the usual workflow of column-based DNA cleanups. Binding of DNA in high salt conditions to silica membranes, washing with Ethanol based washbuffers and elution in low salt conditions.

The DNA is extracted in a buffer which contains some Tris, no EDTA and is adjusted to a pH of 8.

You can choose the elution volume to between 30ul and 200ul.


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