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Please see the service webpages for Sample Submission Forms and Sample Submission Guidelines 

DNA Extraction Service

Mouse Genotyping Service 

Sequencing Service

SNP Genotyping Service

Reagent Ordering Service

Oligo Order Service

Cell line Identification Service


Agilent Bionalyser

BioRad Geldoc System and Ethidiumbromide substitution

BioRad CFX1000 Realtime instrument

  • Biorad CFX1000 Manual
  • Analysis software for BioradC1000 under \\Pandora\Volumes\Software\Windows\GMG_Software\Biorad CFX1000

EPmotion Robots

LightCycler 480 Realtime instrument

Methylation Quantification


Next Generation Sequencing Protocols

Ordering through the Garvan Molecular Genetics Shop

Qbit DNA + RNA Quantification

Realtime PCR Information

7900 Realtime Instrument

Quantstudio 7 Realtime instrument

3D digital PCR instrument


Genescanning program for viewing results

SNP Genotyping

UPL Probe and SYBR Mastermix Setup protocols

 Licor Odyssey

Vilber Lourmat Fusion FX7 and E-Box

  • Fusion FX7 product description (PDF)
  • Fusion Manual 2016 (PDF)
  • Analysis software for Fusion Fx7 under \\Pandora\Volumes\Software\Windows\GMG_Software\Fusion Fx7
  • Analysis software for E-Box under \\Pandora\Volumes\Software\Windows\GMG_Software\E-Box
  • Precision Plus Protein WesternC standards (without StrepTactin-HRP conjugate), cat. #161-0376,

  • Precision Plus Protein WesternC Pack (with StrepTactin-HRP conjugate), cat. # 161-0385

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