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The Garvan Institute regularly conducts clinical trials on a wide variety of subjects. Clinical trials are important for a number of reasons:

  • They can improve outcomes for patients
  • They can help to further medical and scientific research
  • The government can use the information unlocked in a trial to decide if a new drug will receive funding

For a full list of currently recruiting clinical trials associated with Garvan please see the Australian Clinical Trials website


Molecular screening and therapeutic trials

While there is excellent evidence that participation in clinical trials is associated with better outcomes,  people with less common cancers have little access to standard clinical trials because they are not financially feasible to run for the small numbers of patients with one ‘rare’ cancer or another.

An additional key focus at the Garvan Institute is molecular screening and therapeutic trials (MoST). MoST personalises experimental treatment based on an individual’s unique personal and cancer genetic profile, helping to treat patients experiencing rare cancers.


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