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Human Brown Fat Research

There are two kinds of fat in the body. The majority of fat is white fat, which stores energy. When there is too much white fat, it leads to diabetes and other metabolic disorders. The other kind of fat is brown fat. It burns energy and releases the energy as heat. Animals with lots of brown fat are lean and metabolically healthy.

Recent research indicates adult humans have brown fat. Whether medication can increase brown fat in humans to improve metabolism is not known.

We are conducting clinical research to find out whether a medication can increase the amount of brown fat in humans.

We invite both men and women to participate in this study. You may be eligible if you are

  • 18-45 years old
  • body mass index <30 kg/m2
  • on only 1 medication for treatment of high blood pressure

More information:

Please contact Dr Paul Lee on (02) 9295 8416 or email