Clinical trials

Clinical trials are an essential part of our medical research.

We run a range of clinical trials for many diseases — see below for all current trials and ongoing programs. If appropriate, please consider participating: you'll be helping us create a healthier future for all.  

The benefits of clinical trials: 

  • enable deep insights and understanding of disease
  • identify new treatments and therapies
  • help decide government funding for new drugs.

All our trials adhere to strict protocols around safety, ethics and privacy.

Australian Parkinson's Mission

The Australian Parkinson's Mission will conduct a clinical trial program using repurposed drugs, integrated with transformative research, to identify effective treatments for people with Parkinson’s. 

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Molecular screening and therapeutic trials (MoST)

The molecular screening and therapeutic trials (MoST) personalises experimental treatment based on an individual’s unique personal and cancer genetic profile, for patients with rare cancers.

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Personalised Medicine in Prediabetes (PREDICT)

The PREDICT prediabetes clinical trials aim to how blood sugar responses to personalised diet and diabetes medication. This study looks at exploring which foods are right for you and aims to tailor your diet to your unique gut microbiota 

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Breast cancer clinical trials

Currently, there are a number of clinical trials running at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre for patients with early, advanced breast cancer and for patients undergoing breast cancer surgery. 

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Absorption of Ursolic acid in males

This trial aims to investigate the absorption profile of the nutritional supplement Ursolic acid. Studies in animals suggest it has the potential to help build muscle and prevent it from wasting away. Ursolic acid can be found in fruit and vegetables, however not much is absorbed. This study aims to determine the bio-availability, safety, and tolerability of ursolic acid.


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INsulin Resistance in Type 1 Diabetes managed with METformin (INTIMET study)

The INTIMET study aims to investiage the effects of metformin on hepatic and peripheral insulin resistance in adults with type 1 diabetes. 



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