The Kinghorn Cancer Centre

Sydney, Australia

The Kinghorn Cancer Centre is a partnership between the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and St Vincent's Hospital. The vision of TKCC is to realise the promise of innovative personalised medicine for people affected by cancer. As a Centre focusing on translational research and personalised cancer care, it's mission is to align world-class cancer research with rapid translation to the clinic to improve outcomes for cancer patients by:

TKCC Building• Building world-class facilities and strategic collaborations to enhance advances in science that translate into improved cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention

• Developing integrated, multidisciplinary, multi-institutional approaches to cancer research and patient care to reduce the impact of cancer in the community

• Providing a holistic, compassionate approach to cancer care throughout the entire cancer journey, from diagnosis to full recovery where cure is possible, and supportive care and information to all, with preservation of patient dignity

• Establishing world-class educational and training programs to develop high quality researchers and clinicians to optimise translational outcomes.



TKCC is placed as a major centre in Australia focused on the translation of research breakthroughs into novel diagnostic, prognostic, treatment and prevention options for a number of key National Health Priority cancers including: breast, prostate, gastrointestinal (pancreas and colorectal) and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. TKCC will build on its unique strengths to deliver targeted, cost effective, personalised therapies suitable for integration into larger nationwide cancer treatment services.

Bringing together researchers and clinicians onto a single site, TKCC is fostering laboratory research directly driven by clinical challenges, “a bedside to bench” model, and enable research findings to be rapidly translated into clinical application for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer, with the prospect of improving cancer outcomes for all Australians.

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