The Mellanby Centre for Bone Research, University of Sheffield

Sheffield, UK

The Mellanby Centre for Bone Research is based in the University of Sheffield Medical School and was established in 2009 in recognition of it’s international standing in bone research. The Centre has created a multidisciplinary environment in which to foster world-class research.Mellanby

The Centre is one of a limited number of institutes worldwide in which clinical bone research is underpinned by world-class basic biomedical research and where research spans understanding normal skeletal physiology, the age-related decline in skeletal function and in pathological bone loss, particularly tumour-induced bone loss and bone metastasis. The Mellanby Centre is home to dedicated ‘core’ facilities that support the research of the Centre. These include a ‘state of the art’ bone biochemistry laboratory with the latest autoanalysers and a bone analysis laboratory with contemporary imaging equipment, including high-resolution microCT, in vivo dynamic histomorphometry and multiphoton imaging.

Staffed by core-funded scientists these facilities underpin collaborations with partners from across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia, including universities, research institutes and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The Mellanby Centre links directly with clinical research facilities, whereby basic and pre-clinical research developed in the Centre is translated directly into clinical studies for patient benefit.