ProMis Teams and Staff

ProMis is led by eight Team Leaders, each responsible for a key element of the Program. Team Leaders each coordinate a group consisting of early career researchers and research students, as well as more experienced researchers who individually are leaders in their own field.

Team Leaders 

Peter-CroucherUnderstanding Tumour-Induced Bone Disease and Bone Metastasis Team
Prof Peter Croucher

Himisha-BeltranNext Generation Sequencing of Advanced Prostate Cancer Team
A/Prof Himisha Beltran

Anthony-CostelloDeveloping New Treatments Strategies in Localised and Advanced Prostate Cancer Team
Prof Tony Costello

Vanessa-HayesUnravelling the Complexities of the Human and Prostate Tumour Genome Team
Prof Vanessa Hayes

Belinda-ParkerUnderstanding How Interactions in the Cancer Microenvironment Promote Metastasis Team
Dr Belinda Parker

Mike-RogersThe Pharmacological Actions of Bone-Active Agents Team
Prof Mike Rogers

Alex-SwarbrickUnderstanding Tumour Heterogeneity in Neoplastic Progression and Therapeutic Response Team
Dr Alex Swarbrick

Niall CorcoranAdvances in the Clinical Management of Prostate Cancer Team
Dr Niall Corcoran

Team Members