Dr Aurélie Cazet

Aurelie GazetDr Aurélie Cazet BSc, MSc, PhD

Research Officer, Cancer Division

Conjoint lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW

Deconvoluting tumor heterogeneity

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Dr Cazet graduated with a M.S (Hons I) in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology from the University Lille Nord de France in 2007. She was then conferred a 3-year PhD fellowship from the French Government to carry out her doctoral research and was awarded a Teaching Assistant Fellowship from the University of Lille (France). During her doctoral studies, her research interests included understanding the biology of glycosphingolipids and growth factor receptors in breast cancer progression and aggressiveness.

Her first postdoctoral position at Yale School of Medicine (Department of Therapeutic Radiology) gave her the invaluable opportunity to develop her knowledge in cancer biology and, most importantly, to discover the stimulating world of personalized translational medicine.

She is currently a fulltime translational scientist in the Tumor Progression Group of Dr Alex Swarbrick at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre, dedicated to advancing knowledge from basic science into clinical applications.