Dr Niall Byrne

Niall Byrne2Dr Niall Byrne BSc, PhD

Research Officer

Bone Biology Division

Garvan Institute of Medical Research



Dr Byrne graduated from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland with a first class honours degree in Biomedical Science in 2009 and subsequently completed his PhD at the University of Ulster in 2014 in the lab of Prof Stephanie McKeown investigating the role of the tumour microenvironment in the treatment response of prostate tumours. In September 2014, Dr Byrne relocated to Sydney to take up a position in the Bone Biology Division at the Garvan Institute as part of the ProMis study and continue his research interests in prostate cancer.

Dr Byrne’s primary research as part of his PhD focused on the molecular and physiological characterisation of prostate tumours to treatment; during this time he developed a particular interest in the use of a number of intravital imaging techniques including the dorsal skin fold “window chamber” model to observe changes in the tumour vasculature over treatment time. Using this knowledge combined with molecular profiling of these treated prostate tumours Dr Byrne developed a number of informed treatment regimens that increased chemotherapeutic efficacy and reduced the metastatic spread in mouse models of prostate cancer.

In his new role at the Garvan Institute for Medical Research, Dr Byrne will establish animal models of prostate cancer bone metastasis and will continue to utilise a number of intravital imaging and molecular techniques to characterise dormant tumour cells in the bone and their progression to active bone metastasis and furthermore, to utilise this knowledge to identify novel targets that may ultimately prevent or treat prostate bone metastasis.