Dr Nikola Baschuk

Nikola BaschukDr Nikola Baschuk, BSc, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

La Trobe University

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Dr Nikola Baschuk received her PhD from the University of Cologne, Germany in 2009 in the field of cancer immune surveillance. Her postdoctoral studies began in the Department of Cancer Immunolgy at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, where she joined the Cellular Immunology laboratory, headed by Prof Mark Smyth from 2010-2012 followed by the Cancer Cell Death group of Prof Joe Trapani in 2013. During her time at Peter Mac, she developed strong expertise in innate immunity, infection and cancer.  In early 2014, she was recruited to the Cancer Microenvironment and Immunology laboratory of Dr Belinda Parker at the La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science where she is currently a Research Fellow. Dr Baschuk’s main research interest is to understand the dynamics and complexity of immune responses during infection and cancer, with a particular interest in immunoregulation of metastasis. Her current research focuses on the interaction between prostate cancer cells and the immune system specifically within the bone microenvironment, and how such interactions impact metastatic spread and the potential of immunostimulatory therapies. This includes dissecting the specifc immune signals and immune cells that control metastatic outgrowth from dormancy and can be targeted as novel therapies to prevent metastatic outgrowth in bone.