Prof Luís Costa

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Luis-CostaProf Luís Costa, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine, Medical Faculty of Lisbon University

Director of the Oncology Division, Hospital de Santa Maria




Dr Luís Costa is Professor of Medicine at the Lisbon Medical School–University of Lisbon, Portugal and he is the head of the Clinical Translational Oncology Research Unit at IMM since 2007. Prof Costa serves also as director of Oncology Division at Hospital de Santa Maria in Lisbon since 2005. At the School of Medicine he is the Coordinator Professor of “Oncobiologia” a new teaching unit that aims to teach the understanding of clinical oncology through molecular medicine, and he acts as member of the Editorial board of Harvard Medical School Portugal Program.

Prof Costa is the IMM Portuguese representative of the Global Cancer Genomics Consortium.

Prof Costa acts also as an expert for grant reviews at the European Research Council, the Cancer ResearchUK, and CAIBER (Spanish Clinical Research Network), and the French National Cancer Institute. Prof Costa’s clinical research, publications and scientific presentations have primarily focused on bone metastases, related to breast cancer, and other solid tumours. He has published various peer-reviewed papers discussing these topics.