Dr Radhika Nair

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Radhika-NairDr Radhika Nair, BSc, MSc, PhD

Senior Research Officer, Cancer Research Division,

Garvan Institute of Medical Research

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Dr Nair completed her PhD from the National Institute of Immunology after being awarded two fellowships from the Department of Biotechnology (India) in 2003. After a career break, she was awarded the prestigious international Career Development Fellowship by the Medical Research Council for her postdoctoral work at Hutchison/MRC Cancer Centre, Cambridge UK in 2005. She then relocated to Australia to work with Dr Alexander Swarbrick at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. She is currently a Senior Research Officer in the Cancer Research Division at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre.

Dr Nair’s primary research interests lie in investigating heterogeneity in cancer with a focus on transcriptional networks controlling metastasis. The aim of her work is to discover the mechanisms underlying the metastatic phenotype by integrating genomic, epigenetic and proteomic data. This will allow us to understand the transcriptional and proteomic control of tumour cells which are critical for tumourigenesis and metastasis, with the ultimate aim of identifying and targeting these cells in a therapeutic context.

She has been instrumental in developing cutting edge in vitro and in vivo models of breast cancer. More recently, she has been applying single cell gene expression and RNA-Seq technology to identify metastatic tumour populations in patient derived xenograft models. Importantly, this work will also inform on the fundamental biology of metastasis applicable to a range of cancers. The natural therapeutic consequences of her work will be to identify metastatic “activators” and “suppressors” which may be new therapeutic targets in the treatment of metastatic disease.