Weng Hua Khoo

Weng Hua KhooWeng Hua Khoo, BSc (Hons1)

PhD student

Garvan Medical Research Institute



Mr Weng Hua, Khoo completed a diploma in Biotechnology in Singapore in 2007 and went on to work as a research technician in the department of Cellular & Molecular Research Division, at the National Cancer Centre, Singapore (NCCS) when he joined Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology, headed by Prof Hung Huynh from 2009 - 2011. During his time at NCCS, he developed technical skills of performing xenograph models of cancer and protein analysis.

In late 2011, he embarked his degree at the University of New South Wales and completed his honours year with Prof Peter Croucher of the Bone Biology division at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, where he is currently a Research Assistant. Mr Khoo’s main research interest is to understand mechanisms in which cancer cells exploit to evade chemotherapy and discovering novel drug targets.

His current research focuses on developing animal models of prostate cancer metastasis in bone, isolating rare dormant cancer cells which possess the potential for recurrent disease and identifying novel targets to drive cancer cells to dormancy, inhibiting the devastating effects of metastatic disease.