About this brain cancer collaboration

Professor Charlie Teo AM officially announced this research collaboration at the Charlie Teo Foundation’s Rebel Ball on 5 May 2019. The research team is using a technique called ‘single-cell RNA sequencing’ to understand the behaviour of individual cells within GBM brain tumours, an extremely aggressive type of brain cancer, and also the most common.  Researchers are analysing the individual cells in a tumour to produce the first real picture of everything that’s in one cancer. This information will be used to develop new ways to better diagnose and treat GBM. This is an unprecedented look into brain cancer.


I am so excited to officially announce the Charlie Teo Foundation’s collaboration with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Together, we are bringing together unique skills and break-through technology to undertake a world-first large-scale study right here in Sydney into Glioblastoma or GBM brain tumours.

The research team will be led by two brilliant minds – the Charlie Teo Foundation’s Dr Michael Sughrue; and the Head of the Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics, Professor Joseph Powell.

GBM brain tumours are incurable. Patients are lucky to survive 18 months from diagnosis. This is just terrible. We really don’t know enough about GBMs. We have been trying to treat them with one drug. But now we know that there are up to 100 different cancers in one GBM brain tumour. We simply don’t yet have enough data to even start tackling the problem. We have brought a team of experts together to use an advanced single-cell RNA sequencing technique that has never been done before on this scale.”

– Professor Charlie Teo AM


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